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Evrgreen is your trusted partner for residential Roofing, dedicated to solving the greatest issue in the Roofing industry – homeowner’s getting cheated & scammed by Roofing companies. Evrgreen’s foundation is built on a core philosophy of partnering exclusively with the best, ensuring that our communities receive nothing but top-tier service.

How we accomplish our mission is through the Evrgreen Method. Beginning with a rigorous vetting process that we personally take all of the top Roofing companies in each local market through. This meticulous process ensures that each company meets the highest standards, guaranteeing that the ones we bring to the table are truly the best of the best.

Why you should Trust Us

Rooted Deep In
Trust & Transparency

Evergreen is completely independent from all other companies, and does not accept any forms of sponsorships. We cannot and will not be bought, swayed, or won over. We provide all of our homeowners with multiple bids from the top companies in their area to empower the homeowner to make a decision that is best for their home – not aggressively selling them what is best for just one company.

Ultimately, the end result of our vetting process mitigates a majority of the liability for a consumer, protecting them against unethical practices and companies going out of business on them. That is why more consumers each day are turning to Evrgreen as their trusted source.

Why We’re Different

The Evrgreen Differentiator

At Evrgreen, we redefine the Roofing experience for homeowners. We’re not a vetting agency, we’re not a connector – like angies list – we’re your personal representatives & project management team throughout the entire process. The value that Evrgreen provides comes from serving homeowners and our involvement doesn’t end once we connect you with the right company; it extends to ensuring you’re never left in the dark. We handle the complexities, resolve any issues on your behalf, and stand guard against any attempts to take advantage of you.

With Evrgreen, you’re not just a connection; you’re a part of a supportive partnership that’s dedicated to your peace of mind. That’s why homeowners choose Evrgreen rather than going directly through a company.

The Evrgreen Value


First and foremost, we are your guardians, dedicated to protecting homeowners from working with the wrong company and the financial implications that come with that.


We provide homeowners with three of the absolute best companies in their local market, and ultimately, the best solutions for their home. All of our options include:

Maximized ROI

All of the above translate into the maximum ROI potential for your investment into your home. The greatest risk to realizing your return on investment all lies within the company that you choose – if they go out of business, your ROI goes with it. Our Evrgreen method significantly minimizes the liability & risk that is typically associated with going solar. Here’s a little secret, the cheapest price doesn’t translate to the highest ROI – you get what you pay for.

The Evrgreen Method

The Evrgreen Method is our proprietary system designed to guarantee that Evrgreen provides homeowners with truly the best solutions for their home. It is our systematic approach to consistently deliver our communities the most unbiased, transparent, and trustworthy solutions in the industry. Every company in the industry promises that they are able to deliver the “best”… which is amazing, but we always ask the questions, “How do you do it?”, and you deserve to know the same. There are three core pillars to the Evrgreen Method that are reflected below:

Pillar 1

Vetting Process

In each market we serve, we personally, and diligently, evaluate the top Roofing companies.

This rigorous vetting process is our commitment to ensuring that every company not only meets but upholds the highest standards.

What we bring to the table are Roofing companies that have proven themselves to be the titans in the industry, representing the absolute best of the best.

Pillar 2


Built on the belief that informed decisions lead to the best outcomes, we empower homeowners through a simple process.

We focus on an educational journey with homeowners, breaking down the ins-and-outs of the Roofing process while taking the time to truly understand their needs.

This includes reviewing three tailored proposals from the top companies in their area, guiding them to make intelligent decisions that align with their needs & goals. We empower homeowners, not sell them.

Pillar 3

Dedicated Project Management

The pillar that separates Evrgreen from the rest is our commitment to serving homeowners from start to finish. We don’t just connect you; we become the bridge between homeowners and the Roofing provider.

We assign a dedicated Evrgreen Project Manager to every project – for addressing issues, communicating updates, and ensure a seamless experience for every homeowner we serve. At Evrgreen, satisfaction is not just a goal – it’s our ongoing promise.

The Next Steps


Submit a request form & schedule a free 15-minute consultation with our team to review the customized proposals once they are finished.


Homeowner Empowerment – Review customized proposals built for your home with one of our expert home advisors and select the perfect fit for your home.


Project Management – Our dedicated project management team works diligently to obtain all required permits and ensure the work is completed for you in a timely fashion without all of the stressed.


Enjoy the peace of mind and Evrgreen Savings from your new home upgrades!

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