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Evrgreen is your trusted partner for home improvements, dedicated to solving the greatest issue in the home improvement industry – homeowner’s getting cheated & scammed by home improvement companies.

Evrgreen’s foundation has roots that run deep in its core philosophy of – partnering with only the best to provide our communities with only the best. We do this through our Evrgreen Method – which begins with our comprehensive vetting process that each of our Certified Evrgreen Partners undergoes.

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We help you build equity and increase the value of your home through various home efficiency upgrades.

Why you should Choose Evrgreen

Rooted Deep In
Trust & Transparency

In today’s modern world, one of the greatest issues consumers face is not knowing who they can trust when it comes to choosing a company, especially for investments into their home. Our mission is to solve this problem by being pillar of transparency & trust for the home improvement industry. Our solution is known as the Evrgreen Method: a systematic approach to guarantee that homeowners are directly connected with the top companies in their region who have stood the test of time.


Committed to
protecting Homeowners

Evergreen is completely independent from all other companies, and does not accept any forms of sponsorships. We cannot and will not be bought, swayed, or won over. How we protect homeowners starts by providing them with multiple bids from the top companies in their area to empower the homeowner to make a decision that is best for their home. From the start of the project to completion, we serve as your dedicated project management team and work directly with our partners to ensure the highest quality of service, and ultimately, your peace of mind! 

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Unlocking Your Home's Potential

Watch this quick clip to learn about how we vet your future home improvement specialists and how we connect you with the best solution to your needs.

Why We’re Different

The Evrgreen Differentiator

At Evrgreen, we redefine the home improvement experience for homeowners. We’re not a vetting agency and we’re not just a connector – we’re your personal advisors, representatives & project management team. We handle the complexities, resolve any issues on your behalf, and stand guard against any attempts to take advantage of you. With Evrgreen, you’re a part of a supportive partnership that’s dedicated to your peace of mind. That’s why homeowners choose Evrgreen rather than going direct with an installer.

Evrgreen: Building Better, Standing Stronger

Our entire model and process was designed to protect homeowners against this very problem. One that is only becoming more prevalent as the years go on, especially in the home improvement industry. What makes Evrgreen different is that it was built BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. It’s time that our world welcomed a new age of business, one that is free from greed, corruption, and financial nightmares. We stand with our communities throughout the storms, just like the Evergreen Trees on our Planet.

The Evrgreen Value

Sowing Trust, Reaping Evrgreen Value

When choosing Evrgeen, you can have the utmost confidence that you are getting the best overall value for your investment and your home. Our Evrgreen Method, and specifically our vetting process, allows us to provide homeowners with three bids from the top rated companies in their area. It’s simple, the best products & services come from the best companies. When you choose Evrgreen, you that you’ll be getting the:

Industry Leading
Longest Warranties and
Protections in the Industry
Companies with 15+ Years
of Experience & Trusted Ratings
Home Value
Most Competitive Pricing
in the Industry
Best Overall Value &
Highest Return On Investment

The Evrgreen Method

The Evrgreen Method is our proprietary system designed to guarantee that Evrgreen provides homeowners with truly the best solutions for their home. It is our systematic approach to consistently deliver our communities the most unbiased, transparent, and trustworthy solutions in the industry. Every company in the industry promises that they are able to deliver the “best”… which is amazing, but we always ask the questions, “How do you do it?”, and you deserve to know the same. There are three core pillars to the Evrgreen Method that are reflected below:

Pillar 1

Vetting Process

The foundation and roots of Evrgreen is our vetting process that every Evrgreen certified partner goes through to ensure that they meet the following standards:

Pillar 2


Our emphasis on education is a reflection of our dedication to empowering homeowners, NOT selling them. We are unbiased and independent from all companies. This allows us to take the position of simply educating homeowners and providing them with multiple options from the top companies in their area.


Pillar 3

Dedicated Project Management

The pillar that separates Evrgreen from the rest is our commitment to serving homeowners from start to finish. We don’t just connect you; we become the bridge between homeowners and the solar provider. We assign a dedicated Evrgreen Project Manager to every project – for addressing issues, communicating updates, and ensure a seamless experience for every homeowner we serve. At Evrgreen, satisfaction is not just a goal – it’s our ongoing promise.

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Homeowner Empowerment – Review customized proposals built for your home with one of our expert home advisors and select the perfect fit for your home.


Project Management – Our dedicated project management team works diligently to obtain all required permits and ensure the work is completed for you in a timely fashion without all of the stressed.


Enjoy the peace of mind and Evrgreen Savings from your new home upgrades!

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